Sir Galahad

The Grail Hero

And one there was among us, ever moved

Among us in white armor, Galahad.

'God make the good as thou art beautiful!'

Said Arthur, when he dubbed him knight; and none 

In so young youth was ever made a knight.”

— Tennyson

Galahad achieves his righteousness by asceticism. Instead of doing good works like the other knights, he mentally shuts himself away from the world and its pleasures, seeking holiness. He is successful in that he becomes not only impervious to feelings of ambition, but also those of human sympathy. While Arthur sought to bring peace to the pagans, Galahad slaughters them outright. Some traditions say he did not die a natural death but was taken up into heaven after finding the Grail.

Photo Credits:

Nik Keevil

Birmingham Museum And Art Gallery

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Stephen Mulcahey

Jill Battaglia

Nerium Oleandr